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Event 1: Missions for Mother’s Day Creations

Date: Monday, 10am, 27th March 2017
Location: Peacehaven Gardens, 56 Kuhls Road, Highfields
Cost: Free

With Mother’s day coming up on 14th May, we thought it a great time to get into some missions that could have your children making Mothers Day Gifts. This event will allow children to gather what they need to make the gifts and then create them at the group event or take them how to make their creations for mum!
*There will be some stationery supplied on the day to construct your artwork however please also bring things relative to what your child/ren will be doing.

Needed on the day:
- Pencils, paper, cardboard
- Piece of cardboard/board so child can sketch/colour
- Camera/Smartphone for taking photos
- Bag for collecting flowers/leaves etc in
- Lunch/picnic blanket

* If you would like to bring some nature items from your own backyard to share you are welcome!

Number of Missions: 7 (you can do any or all of them!)

Mission details:

CATEGORY: Nature Connect / Creative
Mission: Flower Pressing / Flower Press
Ages: All

Did you know you can create the most fantastic artwork from pressing flowers? Why not create a birthday or mother’s day card using your favourite flowers? Quick tip: Do make sure you ask whoever grew the followers before you pick one or two! Now all you need to do is place the flowers on a piece of card and find some heavy books to put on top. Now the hard bit…You must wait for 2-4 weeks for your flower to be pressed and dried. No peaking! Once the waiting is over you will be left with the most beautiful pressed flowers, which will keep for ever.
Note: I am waiting to see about collecting flowers at the park itself. Even if we are unable to, I will bring some with me for children to take home to create pressed flower cards with anyhow. If you happen to have some flowers you wish to bring along, please do so!

CATEGORY: National Parks Assoc of Qld
Mission: Tree (or even Leaf) Rubbings
Ages: 5+ years

Play - See that tree? It’s a bit like me! Just like people, trees are unique. Can you find a tree that reminds you of yourself? Why does it remind you of yourself or why is it your favourite? Why not sketch a picture of it and make some bark rubbings?

CATEGORY: National Parks Assoc of Qld
Mission: The Land Art Challenge
Ages: All

Celebrate your bush adventures by using only natural materials to build a sculpture or make a ‘picture’. Photograph the finished result and then leave your ephemeral art to be reclaimed by nature. Why not use the photo of your artwork to create a card for a friend or poster for your wall?

CATEGORY: Creative
Mission: Bush Sculpture
Ages: 5+ years

Go out into the bush a collect as many objects as possible. Feathers, rocks, leaves, sticks and flowers are all great. Bring home your stash and get to work. Make a sculpture out of your collection. You can create a bush man, a fairy house or something crazy out of your imagination. Take a photo!

CATEGORY: Creative
Mission: The Jeweller
Ages: All

It’s time to make your own special bangle. Go on a nature walk and collect as many different natural objects as you can. Seeds, nuts and shells are all great. Stick your treasures to a piece of masking tape then cover with plastic wrap. Almost done, get an adult to help you make a hole for a tie in each end, thread in the string and you’re ready to go. Keep it for yourself or give it to mum!

CATEGORY: Creative
Mission: Leaf Printing
Ages: 5+ years
Let the colours of autumn inspire you to create a beautiful piece of nature art. Go outside and collect some leaves that have fallen from the trees. You'll need brown, red, orange and yellow paints and a sponge roller to apply the paint. Press the painted leaves onto paper and enjoy your creation! Advanced manoeuvre - print on a canvas bag, gift tag or thick card to frame and give to a friend.